Flat Fees

We believe that our clients should have as clear as possible of an idea about what their legal fees will be when they decide to hire us for a legal project. With flat fees, we set the fee in advance, and you pay for the value you receive from us regardless of how much time we spend doing the work. We are able to offer many services for a flat fee, which means you know exactly how much your legal bill will be before we even start working.

Our list of fees includes many of the flat fee services we provide. We may be able to offer you a flat fee even for services that are not on the fee list, including many of our unbundled services. When the scope of a legal project is unknown, we may be able to set a flat fee for each incremental stage of the work.

If you prefer that we bill you using the more traditional hourly rate, we are happy to do so. Even when we bill at an hourly rate, we do our best to provide an estimated range of the number of hours that will be required.