Unbundled Services

What Are Unbundled Services?

Unbundling of legal services occurs when a lawyer and client agree to limit the scope of the lawyer’s representation in a legal matter. When a lawyer’s services are limited in this way, the client stays in charge of and responsible for the client’s legal matter. The idea behind unbundling legal services is to reduce the costs of legal services by reducing the services the attorney provides. Unbundled legal services are offered as an alternative to complete legal representation in a matter. Unbundling legal services is not appropriate for all legal matters. For more general information about unbundled legal services, read Wikipedia’s entry on unbundled legal services .

Our Unbundled Services

Whether you find yourself embroiled in a lawsuit, sorting out a legal issue for your business, or just in need of a little of a lawyer’s time, unbundled legal services may be appropriate for you. These are a few examples of unbundled services our firm may be able to provide:

  • Reviewing the facts of your legal matter, researching the law, and advising you of your rights and responsibilities;
  • Providing guidance and/or drafting services during a litigation matter in which you represent yourself;
  • Appearing on your behalf in a lawsuit for a specific, limited purpose, such as arguing a single motion;
  • Negotiating for the resolution of your disputes with third parties;
  • Sending demand letters, cease and desist letters, and other communications to enforce your rights;
  • Drafting individual legal documents, such as contracts, trusts, deeds, etc.;
  • Reviewing and revising existing legal documents; and
  • Acting as your business’s registered agent for service of process in Washington State.

This is not an exhaustive list, and you should contact us to find out whether unbundled legal services are appropriate for you.