The Firm

We are a small law firm located near the shore of Lake Union in Seattle's Eastlake neighborhood. Though we are headquartered in Seattle, we provide services for clients throughout Washington State.

What Sets Us Apart

We strive to improve our clients' experience of the law; we use technology and transparency to do it. Here are the principles we follow in designing how we deliver legal services:

  • We aim to be tech-savvy attorneys who put modern technologies to use behind the scenes for our clients. Nobody should pay an attorney an hourly rate to perform tasks a computer can easily handle. Being on top of our technology leads to fast, reliable, and accurate service, as well as clear and regular communication with our clients.
  • We take extra care to respect and protect our clients' privacy. We go beyond how most attorneys manage client data by using modern encryption tools and maintaining strict data security policies to keep information safe.
  • We believe that people of all economic backgrounds should be able to access legal services, so we provide transparent and flexible fees.

Our Projects

Washington Wills

We mean business when it comes to putting technology to work for our community. We created Washington Wills  to help Washington residents learn about the laws governing wills and other estate planning documents in Washington State. The project provides free attorney-drafted templates and instructions for Washington residents to write their own basic estate plan documents. We hope to continue to improve Washington Wills and to develop more legal projects as our resources permit.